Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Q. About how long does it typically take to do the job?

A. On average, it will take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours depending on the size of the house and how many rooms there are. Commercial cleaning, depending on the size of the building or area, can take anywhere from 1 to several hours to complete. However, we always promise to do the absolute best job in the quickest amount of time in relation to our competitors!

Q. How long does it usually take to dry?

A. It typically takes anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to dry depending on the conditions and thickness of the carpet. Ventilation of the different rooms can also factor into the equation. However, you are actually able to walk on the carpet as soon as the job is completed!

Q. What kind of chemicals (if any) do you use?

A. We use only the best cleaning products consistent with industry standards and manufacturers recommendations. Every single one of our products are friendly for the environmentally, and approved by OSHA and EPA. 

Q. Do you move any furniture?

A. We will move just about any furniture piece or item you need moved. Our one ask of you is that you remove all items that are fragile or breakable. All of our moving is done with the utmost carefulness and care. 

Q. Do fabric protectors actually work?

A. In relation to protecting carpets from actually getting dirty, fabric protectors won’t prevent your problems. However, when used for their actual purpose (protection from permanent stains and longer fabric life), fabric protectors typically do a wonderful job!

Q. How do you fix/treat pet stains and odor problems related to pets?

A. Interestingly enough, dogs and cats don’t really sweat. Because of this, their urine contains what is known as alkaline salts that literally absorb moisture right out of the air. Essentially, pet urine never truly dries. Instead it becomes grounds for multiplying bacteria which will in turn cause staining, discoloration, and even nasty odors. Treatments all depend on the severity of the issue. Most minor conditions can be fixed with simple padding injections along with enzyme and germicidal surface treatments. However, sometimes there are major conditions. For this, a pad replacement is usually required along with floor AND carpet treatment. All in all, we believe we can help treat and fix any problem, whether minor or major.